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Adobe Experience Manager Forms Training - Learn from Certified Experts.

Adobe Experience Manager Forms Training
Learn from Certified Experts


AEM Forms Administration

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IT/Systems Administrators, Developers, Business Leaders, and Technical Support Staff who work with AEM Forms Servers (versions 6.0, 6.1, 6.2, and 6.3). Students will master Adobe’s AEM Forms technology and tools on both the OSGI and the JEE platforms.


Adobe AEM Forms is a robust and complex set of enterprise form technologies and tools. Unfortunately, AEM Forms can be as confusing as it is comprehensive. Until now. This unique and innovative course covers both the OSGI and the JEE stack of AEM Form technologies. You will work hands-on with all of the important Adobe AEM Forms tools. The course includes lectures and demonstrations of each topic followed by hands-on exercises.

You will be led by an Adobe-Certified Instructor who literally wrote the book on AEM Forms Administration. The 125 page Student guide, AEM Forms Administration, will be your go-to source whenever you need to trouble-shoot an issue or create a new server instance. This is the only book that explains how the OSGI and JEE stacks of AEM Forms technology work together. You will learn the best practices for managing AEM Forms from someone with real-world experience.


3 days


At the end of this course, students will be able to effectively install, configure, manage, administer and optimize an AEM Forms Server (versions 6.0, 6.1, 6.2, and 6.3). Students will master Adobe’s AEM Forms technology and tools on both the OSGI and the JEE platforms.


The AEM Forms on OSGI technology stack
The AEM Forms on JEE technology stack

The Administrative Interfaces
Admin UI
Classic UI
Touch UI
The Adobe Web Console

Installation and Configuration
Configuration Manager
Configuring PDF Generator
Creating File type Settings
Configuring AEM Forms with SharePoint
Configuring SSL and Document Security
Installing an Author instance
Installing a Publish instance as a service
Creating Replication Agents for Publishing

Web Server Integration
Installing Dispatcher on Apache
Installing Dispatcher on IIS
Tuning the dispatcher.any file
Creating Flush Agents

Enterprise Integration
Integrating AEM Forms with Databases
Configuring DataSources
Encrypting Database passwords
Using the Felix console to configure your OSGi component
Configuring the CRX with the LiveCycle repository

User Management
Adding an enterprise domain
Synchronizing AEM Forms on JEE with LDAP
Synchronizing AEM Forms on OSGI with LDAP
Creating and Managing Roles and Permissions
Authentication and Authorization
Creating and Managing Access Rights
Creating and Managing ACLs

Extending AEM Forms with Custom Components
Creating custom components in AEM Forms on JEE
Creating custom components in AEM Forms on OSGI

Log Files
Overview of Important Log files
Creating Custom Log files

Changing the Defaults
Hardening your system
Managing security on endpoints
The Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Filter

Working with AEM Archive files
Working with Packages
Repository optimization and maintenance

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