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Adobe Experience Manager Forms Training - Learn from Certified Experts.

Adobe Experience Manager Forms Training
Learn from Certified Experts


AEM Forms-LiveCycle Administration Training


AEM Forms on JEE and LiveCycle ES4 Administrators, IT/Systems Administrators, Technical Support Staff and AEM Forms-LiveCycle developers who need to learn more about setting up and maintaining an AEM Forms-LiveCycle server with AEM Forms-LiveCycle services and workflows.


Are you getting the most out of your AEM Forms-LiveCycle system? Is your system performing in an optimal way and is it fully integrated with your other enterprise software? Do you have your AEM Forms-LiveCycle services and workflows configured with AEM Forms? Learn the secrets of properly configuring, managing, tuning and optimizing your AEM Forms-LiveCycle server(s). This 2-day course will help you realize the full value of your Adobe LiveCycle and AEM Forms investment.

This two-day hands-on course provides a solid foundation of AEM Forms-LiveCycle and teaches you effective and useful techniques. This course starts with the key concepts and dives deep into day-to-day activities like managing services, tasks, users, policies and security. You will learn how to optimize your AEM Forms-LiveCycle environment for peak performance. You will also learn how to maintain peak performance and troubleshoot in case of issues. Advanced topics include integrating with external third-party content management systems.


2 days


At the end of this course, students will be able to effectively configure, manage, tune and optimize a multiservice AEM Forms-LiveCycle environment.


Lesson 1: Working with AEM Forms-LiveCycle Archives (LCAs)
Exercise: Importing an application or archive
Exercise: Deploying an application
Exercise: Exporting AEM Forms-LiveCycle Archive Files
Exercise: Deploying Custom Components
Exercise: Calling Custom Components

Lesson 2: Working with Endpoints
Exercise: Reviewing the Default Endpoints
Exercise: Changing the Security on an Endpoint
Exercise: Create a WatchedFolder endpoint
Exercise: Testing your WatchedFolder endpoint
Exercise: Enabling or disabling an endpoint
Exercise: Modifying an endpoint
Exercise: Removing an endpoint

Lesson 3: User Management
Exercise: Installing the Sample LDAP
Exercise: Adding an enterprise domain
Exercise: Synchronizing with your LDAP
Exercise: Creating a user in the DefaultDom
Exercise: Creating a group in the DefaultDom
Exercise: Creating a dynamic group based on specific criteria
Exercise: AEM Forms-LiveCycle Roles
Exercise: Creating a role

Lesson 4: Configuring Administrator and Task Notifications
Exercise: Configuring Outgoing SMTP Mail
Exercise: Configuring notifications for administrators
Exercise: Configuring stalled branch notifications
Exercise: Configuring stalled operation notifications
Exercise: Configuring notifications for users and groups
Exercise: Configuring task assignment notifications
Exercise: Testing the Automated Notifications

Lesson 5: PDF Generator Service and Settings
Exercise: Reviewing the Adobe PDF Settings
Exercise: Creating the File type Settings
Exercise: Accessing PDF Generator from Workbench
Exercise: Converting HTML documents via PDF Generator

Lesson 6: Connecting MS SQL Server to AEM Forms-LiveCycle
Exercise: Installing the MS SQL Server JDBC Driver
Exercise: Configuring the DataSource
Exercise: Configuring JDBC Components
Exercise: Configuring the JdbcService

Lesson 7: Extending AEM Forms-LiveCycle with Java
Exercise: Reviewing a Custom Component in Workbench
Exercise: Developing a Custom Component in Eclipse with Java
Exercise: Using JDBC to connect to databases from your component
Exercise: Deploying your custom component to an AEM Forms-LiveCycle Server

Lesson 8: Integrating AEM with LiveCycle Services
Exercise: Using the Felix console to configure your OSGi components
Exercise: Integrating AEM Forms with LiveCycle services
Exercise: Integrating AEM Forms with LiveCycle workflows
Exercise: Configuring the Adobe Content Repository eXtreme (CRX) with LiveCycle

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