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Adobe Experience Manager Forms Training - Learn from Certified Experts.

Adobe Experience Manager Forms training
Learn from Certified Experts


AEM Forms: Forms & Databases


Designers, Developers, and IT personnel who need to integrate Adobe forms with databases. No previous experience with these technologies is required but it is advantageous for students to have experience with Adobe AEM, Adobe LiveCycle, and Microsoft SQL Server or a similar RDBMS.


2 days


You will realize many benefits by integrating your Adobe forms with your databases. This course shows how to integrate many different form types (AEM, HTML, LiveCycle XFA, and PDF) with many different databases (MS SQL Server, MS Access, Oracle, and XML flat files). In addition to learning concepts and theory about data, you will complete hands-on exercises and develop applications. You will learn how to prefill a form with real-time data from databases and web services. You will also learn how to process data and attachments from a form submission and write content to databases and content management systems.


The SQL Server Database
Installing the Database
Database Diagrams
Reviewing the Database
Exporting the Database as an XML Schema
The Form and XML Schema
Binding a Form to a Schema
XML Schema and Data
Binding the Expense Report Form to the Schema
JDBC (Java Database Connectivity)
Configuring AEM and LiveCycle
Installing the MS SQL Server JDBC Driver
Configuring the DataSource
Changes in AEM Forms 6.1
Configuring JDBC Components
Configure the JdbcService
Configuring your form and application
Creating your application
Adding a Submit Button to your Form
Adding the JDBC Operations
Writing SQL Statements
Calling Stored Procedures
Prefilling a form with a Prepare Data process and web service
Processing Attachments
Adding the sub processes
Processing attachments
Storing attachments in CRX
Connecting Directly
Creating an ODBC data source
Creating a Data Connection on your form
Prefilling a Form with Data
Prefilling a form with a Prepare Data process
Creating a Web Service
Calling a Web Service
Writing SQL Statements to retrieve records

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