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Adobe Experience Manager Forms Training - Learn from Certified Experts.

Adobe Experience Manager Forms training
Learn from Certified Experts


AEM Forms: Document Output Specialist


Developers who want to further their knowledge of AEM Forms PDF Generator, AEM Forms Output and AEM Forms Assembler. These legacy LiveCycle document generation services are now fully-integrated with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and AEM Forms.


This workshop focuses on building AEM Forms document generation applications using PDF Generator, Output, Assembler, DDX, and Document Builder. Day one consists of lectures and demonstrations combined with a series of exercises that focus on PDF Generator and Output. During this day, you will build an archiving solution. Day two follows the same pattern with the focus on Assembler, DDX, and Document Builder and you will create a print-on-demand solution as well as an AEM Forms custom component. Topics for this day include converting files to PDF and PDF/A, working with XPath functions, creating DDX files, dynamically building portfolios and documents, designing forms for batch printing, and creating a custom component for AEM Forms.

The workshop uses AEM Forms Workbench, which is the integrated development environment (IDE) for creating AEM Forms applications. You will also use Document Builder, Designer and Eclipse to build DDX files, templates and custom components.


2 days


Lesson 1: Adobe Output Service
Activity: Instructor Demo
Presentation and Demo
Exercise: Structure the Application

Lesson 2: The PDF File Format(s)
Activity: Viewing a PDF/A file
Presentation and Demo
Exercise: Creating Trailers and Leaders

Lesson 3: Designing Templates for Output
Activity: Creating a Dynamic Paragraph
Presentation and Demo
Exercise: Creating a Template for Output

Lesson 4: Processing Documents
Activity: Using Loops in a Process
Presentation and Demo
Exercise: Creating the Account Summary process

Lesson 5: Using Document Builder
Presentation and Demo
Exercise: Assembling multiple documents into one PDF

Lesson 6: Additional DDX Examples
Using a List of Documents
Using a Map of Documents
Stitching XDPs

Lesson 7: Creating a Print Stream
Activity: Using OutputIVS
Presentation and Demo
Exercise: Batch Printing

Lesson 8: Processing Attachments with DDX
Counting File Attachments
Extracting File Attachments
Calling the Sub Processes
Testing your application

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