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AAdobe Experience Manager Document Services - Paperless Workflows for the Enterprise.

Adobe Experience Manager Document Services
Paperless Workflows for the Enterprise


Adobe Experience Manager - AEM.

Adobe Experience Manager Document Services

SmartDoc Technologies has been building paperless workflow systems for businesses with Adobe AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) technology for over eight years. Adobe AEM document services is powered by Adobe LiveCycle ES4, an enterprise document and forms platform that helps capture, process, secure, and track information.

Because of its vast feature set, deploying Adobe LiveCycle ES4 can be a daunting process for even the most experienced system integrators. SmartDoc Technologies literally wrote the book on Adobe LiveCycle ES4 for real-world business applications. Our Adobe Certified Experts (ACE's) will help you in all of the following ways:

Installation and Configuration - We have successfully installed and configured AEM document services on all major operating systems (Windows, Linux, AIX) and with various database management systems (Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, IBM DB2, MySQL). We have experience and expertise in single server and clustered environments. Our Senior Technical Architects will configure AEM document services and integrate it with your existing systems including LDAP servers, e-mail servers, and content management systems.

Analysis and Design – We review your business processes, audit your forms, interview your key project stakeholders, and design your Adobe AEM solution.

Development – We develop the forms, workflow, and custom components for your Adobe AEM solution. We can test the solution in our SmartDoc data center before it is deployed to your AEM environment.

Deployment – We work with you to deploy the solution to your environment or we continue to host it in our SmartDoc data center.

Training and Support – We are Adobe Certified Instructors (ACI’s) and we conduct online and in-person training on Adobe AEM document services, Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Suite, and Adobe LiveCycle Designer.

The following illustration shows an example of an automated Adobe AEM workflow.

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