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Adobe Experience Manager Forms Training - Learn from Certified Experts.

Adobe Experience Manager Forms training
Learn from Certified Experts


JavaScript for Designer


Form Authors, Designers, Business Professionals, Developers, and Technical Support Staff who work with AEM Forms Designer (a.k.a LiveCycle Designer). Each student receives the 100 page Student Guide and all sample files.

Adobe AEM Forms Administration Student Manual


This course is an instructor-led workshop where you will learn advanced techniques in Designer, XML, and JavaScript. The course includes theory about Designer, Adobe XFA (XML Forms Architecture) and JavaScript followed by hands-on exercises. Participants will learn the fundamentals of XML Schema, XML data, and how JavaScript works in the various Adobe DOMs (Document Object Models) and events. Take your skills to the next level or enhance the functionality of your forms with this important and intensive class. You will learn the best practices for adding JavaScript functionality to your PDF and HTML forms.


AEM Forms Designer(6.0, 6.1, 6.2, 6.3) and LiveCycle Designer(ES2, ES3, ES4)


1 or 2 days


Scripting in Designer
Activity: Using FormCalc and JavaScript in Designer
Presentation and Demo: Scripting with Designer’s statement completion, method signatures, and event propagation features
Exercise(s): Using Action Builder, Calling a Script Object Method with JavaScript

Adobe DOMs & Events
Activity: Reviewing Events
Presentation and Demo: Reviewing the Events and Scripting form
Exercise(s): Adding JavaScript to multiple events

JavaScript Foundation
Activity: Creating a Message Box
Presentation and Demo: Fundamentals, variables, data types, and operators
Exercise(s): Converting data types, writing If-Else statements

JavaScript 1
Activity: Enforce mutual exclusion in checkboxes
Presentation and Demo: Statements
Exercise(s): Show today’s date, use a loop to fill a Drop-down list

JavaScript 2
Activity: Arrays
Presentation and Demo: Arrays and exception handling with Try-Catch
Exercise(s): Sorting items in a List Box

Form Data and JavaScript
Activity: Prefilling a form with data
Presentation and Demo: Designer forms and data
Exercise(s): Data binding with JavaScript

Advanced Topics
Activity: Configuring the JavaScript Debugger
Presentation and Demo: Trouble-shooting scripts
Exercise(s): Set all fields to ReadOnly

XML Schema and Data
Activity: Binding to a schema
Presentation and Demo: XML documents and schemas
Exercise(s): Create a form based on a schema


After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand advanced Designer techniques
  • Understand how XML Schema and data work with forms
  • Understand the Adobe XFA DOMs and events
  • Understand JavaScript fundamentals
  • Understand JavaScript datatypes
  • Understand JavaScript operators
  • Work with JavaScript arrays
  • Work with JavaScript statements and functions
  • Work with JavaScript for both PDF and HTML forms
  • Validate form information with JavaScript
  • Debug JavaScript in Designer and Acrobat
  • Efficiently organize scripting in a form
  • Call methods of existing JavaScript objects
  • Bind form fields with JavaScript

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