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Adobe LiveCycle Training - Learn from Certified Experts.

Adobe LiveCycle training
Learn from Certified Experts


LiveCycle Designer for Form Authors and Business Analysts


This course is designed for form authors and business analysts who want to create and modify forms in Designer without learning the details of JavaScript. This 2-day course shows non-programmers how to create interactive and dynamic forms with Adobe LiveCycle Designer.


Our industry-leading LiveCycle Designer Training courses are based on our best-selling Adobe Press book, Adobe LiveCycle Designer – Second Edition (2013). You will learn how to create interactive and dynamic PDF and HTML forms for desktop and mobile devices with Adobe LiveCycle Designer.

This course has been reviewed and approved by the Adobe LiveCycle Designer engineering team and has been successfully taught to the largest corporations and government entities over the past 7 years. The course is taught by Adobe Certified Instructors (ACI’s) and Adobe Certified Experts (ACE’s). Students will receive an Adobe LiveCycle Designer certificate upon completion of the lab solutions.


2 days


This innovative 2-day course shows non-programmers how to create interactive and dynamic forms with Adobe LiveCycle Designer. You will learn to accomplish all of your form goals without JavaScript programming. Designer has many built-in tools for non-programmers including the Action Builder, the Form Validation tab, custom objects, and form fragments. This course will show you the basics of Designer and advanced features to complete your forms without JavaScript programming.

Class members should have a Windows-based PC with a copy of Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES4 and either Adobe Acrobat or Reader installed.


Lesson 1: The Basics
- The Designer workspace, important Designer concepts, and customizing your environment
Lesson 2: Converting Files and Forms
- Converting a Microsoft Word file and a PDF file to a form
Lesson 3: Form Layout and Formatting
- Overview of the built-in Adobe form objects
- Using Designer's Text, Paragraph, Layout, and Border palettes
- Using templates, style sheets
Lesson 4: PDF and Acrobat
- The PDF Family
- The Acrobat Family and third-party viewers
Lesson 5: Dynamic Forms
- Using master pages and body pages
- Using subforms and tables
- Tabbing and Accessibility
Lesson 6: Creating an Interactive and Dynamic PDF
- Hands-on development of an interactive and dynamic form
- Connecting to an XML data schema
Lesson 7: Action Builder and other tools
Using Action Builder and other Designer tools like the Form Validation tab of the Form Properties dialog box to create form automation without programming JavaScript
Lesson 8: Best Practices for PDF and HTML forms
- Previewing your HTML forms
- Similarities and differences between PDF and HTML forms
- Fonts in PDFs, Designer, and HTML forms
Self-Paced Lab
The afternoon of the second day is a hands-on lab where students apply the course information to a real-world business challenge. The objective of the lab is to build and test interactive and dynamic PDF and HTML forms.

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