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Custom Workflow Steps

AEM Forms Custom Workflow Steps Student Manual


Custom Workflow Steps is an instructor-led classroom or virtual course, where you will learn to create custom workflow steps for Adobe Experience Manager workflow. As you already know, workflow automation is an important part of a digital forms solution. If you created workflows in AEM Forms Workbench or similar tools, you understand the necessity of common workflow tasks like storing documents and looking up user records.

AEM Forms custom workflow step sample code

Unfortunately, many of these important and useful forms workflow steps are not available in the AEM OSGi workflow tool. Also, you may need to provide other workflow customizations for your organization that are not possible with the out-of-the-box AEM workflow steps. This course will show you how to solve these common problems. Students will learn how to create custom workflow steps like document storage and user lookup and how to use these steps within an AEM workflow. The course is organized into a series of modules that contain lectures, demos, and hands-on exercises.

AEM Forms custom workflow step sample code


After completing this course, you will be able to:
  • Create an AEM workflow with the out-of-the-box workflow steps.
  • Understand the limits of the out-of-the-box steps for a forms workflow.
  • Enhance AEM workflow with custom workflow steps.
  • Implement the WorkflowProcess interface.
  • Implement the inherited abstract execute method.
  • Create a custom workflow step that stores a DoR (Document of Record).
  • Create a custom workflow step that performs a user lookup.
  • Call your services from out-of-the-box workflow steps.
  • Create a custom UI (User Interface) widget for your custom steps.
  • Handle input and output variables in your custom UI widget.

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