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Workbench and Workspace

AEM Forms Workbench and Workspace Student Manual


Workbench and Workspace is a 1 day, instructor-led course that can be taught in-person or virtually. You will learn to use AEM Workbench to design and develop AEM Forms on JEE workflow applications. You will learn to automate business processes with both sequential and parallel workflows. Your end-users will use the Adobe Workspace application to access these applications.

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Each section begins with an activity that introduces the topic. An Adobe-Certified Instructor will then teach the topic with a combination of lectures and demonstrations. Each topic will be enforced with an exercise where you can put into practice the details covered in the lesson. The exercises will build on each other so you will have a complete AEM Forms Workbench application when you are done. You will learn to use the Output Service, PDF Generator, Assembler, User Service, Multiple User Service, and the Gateway Service for parallel processing. You will learn to create custom events, user actions, completion policies, and custom task information for workflows. We will also cover the creation of custom Workbench workflow components with Java.

This course is for AEM Forms on JEE.


After completing this course, you will be able to:
  • Automate business processes with AEM Forms workflow
  • Install and deploy AEM Forms Archives with AdminUI
  • Create a Workbench application and export an AEM Forms Archive
  • Troubleshoot a Workbench application with Record and Playback
  • Understand sequential and parallel workflows
  • Understand long-lived and short-lived processes
  • Create and configure simple and complex process variables
  • Configure the AEM Forms Output Service
  • Configure the AEM Forms PDF Generator Service
  • Configure the AEM Forms Assembler Service
  • Create and configure custom AEM Forms Events
  • Configure the AEM Forms User and Multiple User Services
  • Create and configure an AEM Forms Gateway for parallel processing
  • Create custom user actions and completion policies
  • Create task assignments and custom task information
  • Create custom workflow components in Java.

   PDF  Workbench and Workspace Course Outline (PDF)

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