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XML and XML Schema

XML and XML Schema Student Manual


XML enables us to separate the data (the XML file) from the presentation (the form). It also enables us to integrate forms with workflow and server-side software and databases. This course is specifically designed to help you master XML and XML Schema for use in Adobe AEM forms and workflow. As you know, AEM forms and workflow are heavily dependent on expertise in XML and XML Schema. This course enables you to master these technologies to enhance your forms and workflow.

XML files in Adobe AEM Forms

XML and XML Schema is organized into two sections. The first is XML Files and it focuses on the data files we use with forms and workflow. You will learn the structure and syntax of XML files and the difference between well-formed XML files and valid XML files. The second is XML Schema and it focuses on the elements and attributes in XML schemas. You will learn to create simple and complex types and learn how to use these types in Adobe forms.

XML Schema for Adobe AEM Forms


After completing this course, you will be able to:
  • Understand the prolog of an XML file.
  • Identify the key elements and attributes of an XML file.
  • Identify the Root Element of an XML file and schema.
  • Create and use XML elements.
  • Create and use XML attributes.
  • Test an XML file for Well-Formedness.
  • Test an XML file for Validation.
  • Create and work with simple types in XML Schema.
  • Create and work with complex types in XML Schema.
  • Understand and access XML Namespaces.
  • Create XML Schemas for Dynamic forms.
  • Create XML Schemas based on Designer XDP files.
  • Use an XML Schema in an AEM Forms Workflow.

   PDF  XML and XML Schema Course Outline (PDF)

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