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Advanced Forms Workflow

Advanced Forms Workflow Student Manual


Advanced Forms Workflow is an instructor-led classroom or virtual course where you will learn to create custom workflow steps and custom OSGi services. Although you can create AEM Forms workflows with the out-of-the-box Forms Workflow steps, many organizations need to supplement these capabilities with custom Java development.

AEM Forms custom workflow step sample code

This course shows how to combine the standard Forms Workflow activities with your own custom workflow steps. Students will learn how to use CRXDE Lite to create custom Touch UI workflow steps that are fully compatible with Adobe's out-of-the-box workflow steps

AEM Custom Workflow Steps

The course is organized into a series of modules that contain lectures, demos, and hands-on exercises. Students will learn to create Maven projects with example Java code. Students will also compile the projects into services and integrate the services into an AEM workflow.

AEM Forms custom workflow step sample code


After completing this course, you will be able to:
  • Use custom workflow steps in a workflow model.
  • Create a custom TouchUI workflow step.
  • Create a custom user look-up workflow step.
  • Configure the AEM Plugin for Eclipse.
  • Create an AEM Project with Maven.
  • Create a custom workflow step that stores a DoR (Document of Record).
  • Create a custom workflow step that performs a user lookup.
  • Compile and deploy OSGi bundles to AEM.
  • Integrate custom workflow steps with the custom services in your bundles.
  • Trouble-shoot workflow issues.

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