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AEM Forms Administration JEE

AEM Forms Administration Training Student Manual


This course focuses on the AEM Forms on JEE product. There is a similar course entitled AEM Forms Administration OSGi for students who wish to focus on the AEM Forms on OSGi product.

AEM Forms Administration JEE is a 3-day, instructor-led course where you will learn to install, configure, and maintain an AEM Forms server. It can be taught live, in a classroom, or as a virtual course. AEM Forms on JEE is a robust and complex set of enterprise form technologies and tools. It includes Adobe’s Legacy LiveCycle products along with their latest and greatest AEM Forms on OSGi technology and tools.

You will learn all of the Administration tools including the Felix Web Console, CRXDE Lite, AdminUIX, and the various administration consoles in AEM’s Touch UI and Classic interfaces. You will learn how to install, configure, manage, maintain, and harden an AEM Forms on JEE server. You will learn how to integrate your AEM Forms server with your enterprise applications like databases, Mail Servers, and LDAP systems. You will learn how to create and manage workflows with the AEM Forms on JEE workflow tools.

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After completing this course, you will be able to:
  • Install and Configure an AEM Forms on JEE Server
  • Install and Configure an AEM Forms on OSGi Server
  • Upgrade AEM Forms with Service Packs and CFPs
  • Understand AEM Forms on JEE and AEM Forms on OSGi
  • Create a formUsers group with appropriate roles and permissions
  • Synchronize your AEM Forms user management with LDAP
  • Understand Best Practices for the Super Administrator User
  • Create data sources for AEM Forms on JEE
  • Create AEM Forms on JEE workflows with Workbench
  • Trouble-shoot stalled operations and stalled branches in a Forms Workflow
  • Configure Administrator Email Notifications
  • Monitor your system with the Health Monitor and the Operations Dashboard
  • Configure Author and Publish environments


  • The technology stack
  • Enterprise Integration
  • Administration interfaces
Installation and Configuration
  • AEM Forms on JEE
  • AEM Forms on OSGi
  • Document Services on JEE
  • Author and Publish instances
AEM Packages
  • Package Manager
  • Package Share
  • Install Packages
  • Create Packages
AEM Forms Archives
  • Import archives
  • Create archives
  • Deploy applications
Enterprise Integration
  • Configure Data sources
  • Sync JEE with LDAP
  • Configure Mail Servers
User Management
  • Create users and groups
  • Roles and permissions
  • Dynamic groups
  • Map JEE roles to OSGi groups
  • Sync OSGi with LDAP
  • ACLs and Actions
Workbench Workflows
  • Workbench Overview
  • Integrate with CRX
  • Query LDAP
  • Query Databases
  • Assembler and DDX
System Monitoring and Security
  • Manage the Super Administrator Passwords
  • The Operations Dashboard
  • The Health Monitor
  • Endpoint security
  • CSRF Filter
  • Safe Backup
Extend AEM Forms JEE
  • Create components
  • Install components
  • Configure components

   PDF  AEM Forms Administration JEE Course Outline (PDF)

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