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AEM Forms Administration OSGi

AEM Forms Administration Training Student Manual


This course focuses on the AEM Forms on OSGi product. There is a similar course entitled AEM Forms Administration JEE for students who wish to focus on the AEM Forms on JEE product.

AEM Forms Administration OSGi is a 3-day, instructor-led course where you will learn to install, configure, and maintain an AEM Forms on OSGi server. It can be taught live, in a classroom, or as a virtual course. AEM Forms on OSGi is the world’s leading enterprise forms management platform. It facilitates the creation and management of responsive and adaptive HTML5 forms and includes out-of-the-box forms portal components and document services.

You will learn all of the Administration tools including the Felix Web Console, CRXDE Lite, and the various administration consoles in AEM’s Touch UI and Classic interfaces. You will learn how to install, configure, manage, maintain, and secure an AEM Forms on OSGi server. You will learn how to integrate your server with your enterprise applications like databases, mail servers, and LDAP systems. You will learn how to configure the Adobe Document Services on OSGi. You will learn how to create and manage workflows with the AEM Forms on OSGi workflow tools.

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After completing this course, you will be able to:
  • Install and Configure an AEM Forms on OSGi Server
  • Upgrade AEM Forms with Service Packs and CFPs
  • Install and Configure the AEM Forms add-on Package
  • Understand the capabilities of AEM Forms on OSGi
  • Create a formUsers group with appropriate roles and permissions
  • Create Datasources and LDAP integration
  • Create OSGi Configurations and Run Modes
  • Configure the Adobe Document Services on OSGi
  • Create workflows with the Documents Services
  • Secure and harden your AEM Forms system
  • Monitor your system with the Operations Dashboard
  • Configure Author and Publish environments
  • View Log files and create custom loggers
  • Understand Deployment Strategies


Installation and Configuration
  • AEM, Sling, the JCR, and OSGi
  • Author environments
  • Publish environments
  • Run AEM as a Service
  • Updates with SPs and CFPs
  • Allocate System Resources
  • Package Manager and Package Share
  • The Forms add-on Package
  • Create Packages
  • Batch Installation
The Administration Consoles
  • Web Console
  • CRXDE Lite
  • Classic UI Consoles
  • Touch UI Consoles
User Management
  • Create users and groups
  • Create a formUsers group
  • Assign Permissions
  • ACLs and Actions
  • Integrate with LDAP
Configure Services
  • Configure SMTP Mail
  • Configure Datasources
  • Configure Document Services
  • Use Document Services in AEM Workflows
OSGi Configurations and Run Modes
  • OSGi Configurations
  • Run Modes
  • Resolution Rules
  • Configuration Packaging
System Monitoring and Security
  • Configure SSL and HTTPS
  • The Operations Dashboard
  • Health Reports and Security Checks
  • Tar Compaction and Revision Cleanup
Log Files
  • View Logs and Configurations
  • Create Custom Loggers
Deployment Scenarios
  • Single Tar Instance
  • Tar Cold Standby
  • MongoDB

   PDF  AEM Forms Administration OSGi Course Outline (PDF)

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