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AEM Forms and Data

AEM Forms and Databases OSGi


Integrate your AEM forms with databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle’s MySQL. This course shows you the secrets of integrating AEM adaptive/responsive forms with your company's databases and other data sources including REST and SOAP services. In addition to learning concepts and theory about AEM Forms and data, you will complete hands-on exercises. You will create data sources, form data models, and adaptive forms based on form data models.


After completing this course, you will be able to:
  • Configure AEM Forms with Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle’s MySQL
  • Create data sources for Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle’s MySQL
  • Create a data source for a REST Service
  • Create a data source for a SOAP Service
  • Create Form Data Models with the Form Data Model Editor
  • Configure services in your Form Data Models
  • Create associations in your Form Data Models
  • Understand the fundamentals of JSON
  • Create adaptive forms based on Form Data Models
  • Prefill a form with data on the initialize event
  • Update data from your form to the data source
  • Submit new records from your form to the data source
  • Submit form data in JSON format

Learn how to:

Use JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) to create data sources for Relational databases including MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, Oracle RDBMS, and other data services including RESTful web services and SOAP-based web services.

Microsoft Sql Server and Oracle MySQL JDBC drivers

Use the AEM Form Data Model Editor to create form data models that include read, write, insert, and update services as well as associations for relational databases.

Create and edit form data model services and associations

Test your data model objects and data model services with JSON.

Test form data model services with json

Complete your AEM Forms data integration by calling your form data model services from rules in your AEM adaptive forms.

Create adaptive form rules that call form data model services

   PDF  AEM Forms and Databases OSGi Course Outline (PDF)

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