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AEM Forms and Databases JEE

AEM Forms and Databases JEE Student Manual.


Integrate your AEM forms with databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle’s MySQL. This course shows you the secrets of integrating AEM adaptive/responsive forms with your company's databases and other enterprise systems. In addition to learning concepts and theory about AEM Forms, you will complete hands-on exercises and develop a complete AEM Forms application. This course shows you how to prefill forms with data, use data within adaptive and responsive forms, and process AEM form submissions with and without attachments.


After completing this course, you will be able to:
  • Configure AEM Forms with Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle’s MySQL
  • Understand how AEM forms work with data
  • Understand XML Schema, XML Data, and data binding
  • Understand JDBC (Java Database Connectivity)
  • Understand and use the Adobe JDBC services
  • Write SQL Statements to retrieve data and prefill a form
  • Call Stored Procedures to process form submissions
  • Prefill a form with data from a database
  • Write Web Services to process form submissions
  • Parse form data and update database tables
  • Store form attachments in Adobe CRX and the File System

   PDF  AEM Forms and Databases JEE Course Outline (PDF)

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