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AEM Forms Author

AEM Forms Author Student Manual.


AEM Forms Author is a 1-day, instructor-led classroom or virtual course. The course covers foundational concepts in AEM Forms Authoring and is ideal for new users. You will be introduced to the out-of-the-box components and templates. You will learn best practices for creating AEM forms based on existing templates, themes, and form data models. Topics include form authoring based on a Form Data Model and form authoring based on an XDP template.

You will learn how to validate form data with out-of-the-box patterns, Regular Expressions, and JavaScript functions. You will also learn how to work with dynamic data, the Rules Editor, and Help messages. In addition to the interactive features, you will also learn how to create a DoR (Document of Record) and how to configure form submission.


After completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Understand Best Practices for using and creating AEM forms
  • Understand the out-of-the-box AEM Forms components
  • Author an AEM adaptive form based on a Form Data Model
  • Author an AEM adaptive form based on an XDP
  • Display dynamic data in an adaptive form
  • Add data validation to an adaptive form
  • Add dynamic functionality with the Rules Editor
  • Add accessibility properties to an adaptive form
  • Add short and long Help messages to form fields
  • Configure a DoR (Document of Record) with an XDP file
  • Configure an auto-generated DoR (Document of Record)
  • Configure form submission properties

   PDF  AEM Forms Author Course Outline (PDF)

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