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Workflow has always been an important part of Adobe AEM Forms. Previously, the best workflow tools and capabilities were on the AEM Forms JEE platform. This platform (JEE) features the Workbench tool and many out-of-the-box AEM Forms workflow steps. However, as of AEM 6.5, the workflow tools and capabilities in AEM Forms OSGi now match the capabilities of AEM Forms JEE. This course covers the new workflow tools and capabilities of AEM Forms OSGi.

AEM Forms on OSGi Workflow screenshot

AEM Forms Workflow is an instructor-led classroom or virtual course where you will learn to use AEM Forms OSGi workflow to automate your forms and business processes. You will learn important AEM Forms workflow concepts and perform many hands-on exercises to build workflow solutions. The course covers design and runtime models, process variables, and JavaScript. In addition to design and development, you will also learn how to monitor and trouble-shoot workflows with the built-in AEM tools.

AEM Forms OSGI workflow model

You will create many form automation workflows that include processing form submissions and integrating with databases. You will also create document services workflows that include document generation and integration with Adobe Sign for digital signatures.

Adobe Sign Workflow

In addition to form processing workflows, you will also create form review workflows. Since humans are involved in form review workflows, you will learn how to assign tasks and take actions based on user input. Form Reviewers can join a form review through email, or through their AEM Forms Inbox (shown here).

AEM Forms Review Workflow

AEM Forms workflow offers useful and powerful features that enable reviewers to view, edit, delegate, reset, save, and submit the assigned task. Reviewers can also view the workflow history and add attachments to the workflow step.

AEM Forms Workflow Tools


After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Automate repetitive and recurring forms processes with workflow.
  • Create and sync a workflow model.
  • Create a Forms Review workflow.
  • Create a Process Form Submission workflow.
  • Use the out-of-the-box Document Services in a workflow.
  • Integrate with Adobe Sign workflow.
  • Generate PDFs based on variable data.
  • Assemble PDFs with DDX (Dynamic Document XML).
  • Encrypt PDFs with the Secure Document workflow step.
  • Add conditional logic with the Expression Editor.
  • Add conditional logic with ECMA Script.
  • Use the OR Split in a workflow.
  • Monitor and trouble-shoot workflows with the built-in AEM tools.
  • Create a custom workflow step.
  • Use a custom workflow step in a workflow.

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