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JavaScript Fundamentals

JavaScript Fundamentals Student Manual


This course focuses on JavaScript fundamentals for XFA (XML Forms Architecture) forms in AEM Forms Designer. These fundamentals need to be mastered in order to create successful scripts in Designer forms. Oftentimes, JavaScript can appear complicated, especially if you never had the time to master the fundamentals. So, here’s your chance. Study and master JavaScript syntax, data types, operators, statements, and arrays and you will have more success trouble-shooting and developing scripts.

An examples of a JavaScript loop.


After completing this course, you will be able to:
  • Read complicated scripts and understand them in a new way.
  • Understand JavaScript data types, operators, and statements.
  • Configure and use the Acrobat Debugger.
  • Create variables for each JavaScript data type.
  • Understand Primitive Wrapper Classes.
  • Work with methods and properties of Strings and Numbers.
  • Create scripts with the Math Operators.
  • Create scripts with the Logical Operators.
  • Create scripts with the Comparison Operators.
  • Create loops with the while and do-while statements.
  • Create loops with the for-next and for-each statements.
  • Add logic with the switch statement.
  • Create arrays and use array methods and properties.
  • Sort and fill drop-down lists and list boxes.

   PDF  JavaScript Fundamentals Course Outline (PDF)

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